Delhi Tihar Jail to release 3,000 prisoners to ease congestion in jails

The Delhi High Court has decided to release 3000 prisoners, said the AAP government today. This is to ease congestion in jail and to check the spread of coronavirus infection by providing the prisoners with the option of special furlough and parole.

New Delhi: The Tihar Jail authorities have claimed that to contain the spread of coronavirus, they will try to release 3000 prisoners in next few days as the number of positive cases are rising across the country.  At least 1,500 convicts will be released under parole or furlough and 1,500 under trial prisoners on interim bail. However, this would not include hardened criminals. They claim that they will only release convicts and trial prisoners only in coming 3-4 days. This will not include any type of dangerous criminals.

On Monday, the state government requested the Delhi high court to release some of the prisoners to control check to the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19.


The Delhi government said to a bench of Justice Subramanian Prasad and HimaKohli that it will amend its prison rules to provide the option of special furlough or parole.  The submission was made by Delhi government additional standing counsel said the notification would be issued within a day to amend the prison rules.

There are no such doubts on Indian Government taking such measures for our sake, i.e. not to spread more Corona Virus hence, releasing only some trivial prisoners and not the criminals. We being the citizen of India must think of following and respecting the judgment.

Hence, it is our moral duty towards the government by helping them by taking care of ourselves and our society as well. We should stay at home and follow all the necessary precautions. While we are safe inside our house with our beloved family; our offices, go down, schools, colleges, malls, property, etc. are at higher risk of getting attacked by them.

Those prisoners who are not concerned for the health and safety of themselves might roam in the town with the intention to harm the lockdown premise and properties and take all the necessary items which may be of high value. Since there may be few or no persons available for the security of such property it becomes easier for the potential criminals/attackers for an easy opportunity of pilferage. These prisoners are not high-level criminals but they are still dangerous to us and to society.

We cannot allow us to take risks, especially at this point of time when every single resource is needed to be preserved.

Perhaps, by hiring a well-trained security guard can make you feel more sheltered and confident. A security guard is always there to deter crime providing a sense of heightened security. Security guards will quickly respond to any situation that may arise on your business premises. With a security guard’s presence, they can take control of the situation, helping prevent injuries and other adverse consequences.”

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