Do You Know the Common Types of Security Guards!

Many companies want to hire trained and perfect security guards. Security guards do not only protect your business from criminals, but they also protect your clients.

In case a crime happens, the first to respond is the security guards and they know what to do as they are trained for it.

Type of Security Guard:

The role of a security guard changes depending on what type of security guard you choose to hire:

Uniformed security guard – A uniformed security guard is the one who ought to secure the property and people in the area he is deployed. They must be visible all the time on the duty to stop the crime because crime may happen any time. That’s why, you can often see uniformed security guards in malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, and other similar businesses for security purpose.

Private security guards – A popular, rich, and influential people usually hire a private security guard for security and safety. Some use uniforms while others use civilian clothing to go blend in and stay hidden. ,

Unarmed security guard – unarmed security guards are the one who monitor and protect your business and property. They monitor the flow of people’s activity and always lookout for suspicious behaviour and respond to emergencies. Unarmed security guard patrol your business area for detection the threats.

Armed security guards – Only VIPs such as politicians, celebrities, and businessmen usually hire armed security guards for their safety. Armed security guards carry lethal weapons, they also undergo strict physical defense with additional training and certification. This is why armed security guards are the top choice for VIPs and businesses with confidential information.

Corporate security guard – Corporate security guards hired by corporates who are undergo training to perform regular security guard tasks and training for the corporate setting. They are highly-skilled and knows how to handle the issues and deal with customers and employees.

Warehouse security guards – Warehouse security guards are one of the security guards who hired by industrial businesses. They know very well how to protect and monitor the entire are of the warehouses. They respond properly and detect suspicious activities of a person.

The job of a security guard is very important and responsible as it involves the safety of properties and people. Security guards must stay vigilant and alert at all times, making their job difficult and extra-ordinary.

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