I was sweating  because of fear and the rush when I reached there.

My security guard brought a glass of water for me.. Sahabji… Here Drink some water.

When I heard  the news that the Ananda shopping complex caught fire last night. I called the security guard in the night duty. He didn’t pick the phone first but as I hurled my way to that place he picked the call.

Bahadur!!  Where are you? Kya hua?  Is there anything left or all burned down?

No No sahabji.. Nothing much… just a shop was under fire and I took care of it. The fire brigade is also here.

As I reached the place, I saw that he was right, He acted proactively and prevented a great loss.  A Firefighter  told me that your guard immediately guided us to the place where the fire was and made it easy for us to control it in no time. You should thank him and his training that he handled this situation very well..

Incidents like this are very common around the world, and not everyone dodges the danger, but only those who think proactively and take necessary steps to prevent the danger.

Imagine yourself in this situation and decide how much importance you  give to security. Accidents can happen to anyone but how we are prepared for it makes the difference. It is very important that you take the steps to prevent dangers, but it is more important to take the right steps because that is where we are more careless.

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