How the Covid-19 Pandemic Encounters Security Service Firms

The whole world is facing a pandemic (Coronavirus) which has turned things upside down for some security service firms. Some security companies whose workforce are already working at near capacity have been deluged with new requests from clients for security services.

Other things that, it is a positive symptom for security firms in the competitive marketplace welcome new business because which security firms passed this critical stage smoothly even better responsibility then client will appreciate & approach to new business.

Above position have to built-in holiday, festive sessions and other big circumstances so large demand van be tackled.

“As you can imagine, it’s extremely challenging,” People who never had security now have the need for it. And some of them also have expectations that are kind of unreasonable.”

For example, one major client requested security officers who are able to conduct COVID-19 screening measures like taking temperatures and our leaders’ organized training season to security Supervisor & guards and brief about measuring the temperature of every person while entering the premises with the following rules of social distancing.

“We choose not to be a part of that process. We’re not going to randomly but we are attending each & every person for same process whoever is poor or rich, all are treated same way,“ This is a pandemic, this is not about checking IDs. This is something that involved people’s health.

Also our security officers brief to site team for suggesting wearing mask to every person while entry & also offer sanitizer to sanitize the hands before while entering in premises. We have provided lots of mask & sanitizer for keeping in stock because we can’t go outside every time for purchasing in the lockdown.

Finally, for all its tragic qualities, the pandemic has been an opportunity for security officers to shine, as they have juggled health hazards, family responsibilities, and new on-site challenges to succeed in their mission. It’s been a huge illustration at how dedicated the officers in this industry are.

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