How to become a security guard?

How to become a Security Guard?

Security guards play an important role in our lives because they provide us their security hands which helps us to protect our businesses and family members from any type of emergency situation. As a security guard, your responsibility may vary according to the demand of your workplace because some companies hire the security guards to guard against the violation of any law or disturbances that could be a loss to their clients. On the other hand, some companies including banks hire the security guards to guard against any asset or retail loss or protect their money transported vehicles, etc. So, you have to fulfill your responsibilities according to the demand of clients so that they can achieve their goals of keeping the security guards effectively and efficiently.

Some Common Responsibilities of a Security Guard

As a security guard, your responsibility may vary according to the demand of the workplace but I am going to share some common responsibilities which should be fulfilled by every security guard which are as follows –

  • Keep closer communication with law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, and fire departments.
  • Keep the proper record of daily activities like visitors report and report of the asset or potential damage from any kind of disturbances.
  • Regularly ensure the security and proper working of the fire alarm system, doors, and windows of the workplace.
  • Properly inspection or patrol the property to protect it from fire, theft or any type of criminal activity.

Steps to become a Security Guard

  • Most of the security guard jobs do not require any experience but demands for matriculation or senior secondary certificate which makes the seeker able to speak, read and write the regularly used language which is the biggest demand of today’s security industry. So, you should have these certificates to become a security guard.
  • Your height should be at least 5’7’’ and weight should be according to height.
  • You should be physically and medically fit to become a security guard.
  • Your age should not be less than 20 years and not more than 35 years to become a security guard.

How to apply for Security Guard?

  • To apply for a security guard, you need to register yourself by calling on 9953300789 or filling the form on
  • After the registration process, you have to wait to get a call of shortlisting from our side.
  • If you get shortlisted from our side, then you will be called for the interview process.
  • If you get selected in the interview then the complete training will be provided to you.
  • After completing the training, you will be deployed at the workplace.


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