How to fight crime against women?

The  outrage over the rape cases in Kathua, Unnao and then Surat is not new. Even more anger we have seen in the Nirbhaya incident but it seems like nothing has changed since then.

Having a strict law is only a half the battle. It is our duty to fight against criminals and discourage such mentalities. Here are few ways you can contribute in making our society safer.

Understand your surrounding

Keep yourself aware of your surrounding. Know the place, people and their actions. Keep yourself updated with the local news. Notice incidences even the miner ones.

Communicate and build trust

Communicate with people you work with or you meet frequently. Build trust in them so they can seek help from you and also help you when you need.

Gender Equality

The major reason for the surge in rape cases in India is the cultural mindset. The gender inequality results in the dominance of one gender over the other. Practice gender equality in your family and teach your children to respect the rights of others.

Cultural stereotypes

It is very important that we leave the cultural stereotypes and adapt to the changes. The future is bright for us in the terms of freedom and equality. The current struggle is due to the resistance  from the people who hold back.

Accept different Opinions

You need to understand that we all are different in some manner and we all have right to live life accordingly.

Take no for no

First of all do not invade in someone’s personal space. Second, Take no for no, avoid touching and having any conversation that may be provocative.

Self defense learning

It is very important for every one to be able to defend themselves against any danger. Women should be physically and mentally prepared for any surprise attack.




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