How to survive a riot?

Delhi NCR and Haryana is on High alert after Ram Rahim have got convicted in rape case. Being a Security Service company it is our duty to help you in staying secure from all the possible threats. Here are few tips on How to stay secure in a riot situation?

Prepare yourself

1- Get yourself familiar  with your locality.

2- Keep in mind the  possible escape routes and safe places while driving on road.

3-If your workplace is in the riot hit zone then better know all the escape routes in case of any attack by mob.

4-Keep small amount of cash to pay off looters, or address your basic needs.

Keep yourself calm

1- keep your head down and Avoid confrontation.

2- Walk not run if not necessary as  you might attract unwanted attention.

Don’t get yourself involved

If you’re caught in a riot, the last thing you want to do is try to take sides, help out, or stand out. In fact, you should avoid any attention while you move outside of the mob.

Keep close your loved ones .

If you’re travelling with your loved ones, then grip the hands or lock elbows with all of the people who are with you. If you’re with a child, hold him in your arms so he doesn’t get trampled. Stick together.


Drive your car carefully.

1-When you are driving in a riot zone then don’t let a few angry people stop you from driving your car and keep going unless you absolutely can’t.

2- While driving stay firm, but not aggressive, to avoid giving the wrong impression.

Move away from the riot calmly. 

1-Keep moving with the crowd until you can escape.

2-If you’re in the middle of a crowd move in the direction of crowed. Once you find an escape route, move aside.

Avoid crowded areas.

1-Avoid main roads and other high traffic areas. These places are likely to be crowded with rioters. Try to use less-traveled side streets to avoid the mobs.

2-Avoid public transportation. Buses, subways, and trains will likely be out of service, and stations and depots will probably be packed with people.


Keep yourself informed – Social media may provide rapid information but it is not always trust able.

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