How to travel with a large amount of cash or other monetary items

If you are travelling with a large amount of cash, or other monetary instruments like traveler’s checks, money orders, and bearer bonds, you should take common sense steps to protect yourself from unwanted attention, but you should also be aware of what legal issues you may have to address. What you have to do will depend on what country you are in, or whether you are traveling internationally.

Protecting your money from theft or other losses

  • When you carry cash with you on an airline trip, you should take some very basic steps to keep from becoming a victim of theft, or from losing your money by accident
  • If you have to take cash, keep it in a carryon bag.
  • Never put your cash, financial instruments, or precious metals in a checked bag.
  • Keep your cash and other valuables out of public view.
  • Keep your baggage and belongings in sight when passing through a security checkpoint.
  • Divide money in different places
  • Favor on-body storage
  • Keep small bills handy
  • Carry an anti-theft bag
  • Trim your wallet
  • Use a dummy wallet
  • Buy a travel wallet
  • Adapt to the local money culture
  • If your carryon baggage must be searched, insist on keeping your bag in sight.
  • If asked about the amount of money in your baggage by a TSA agent or other responsibleauthority, tell the truth.
  • If you suspect that you have been a victim of theft, contact an airport police officer or other law enforcement representative immediately (note that TSA agents are not law enforcement agents)
  • If you suspect that a TSA screener or other screening area employee has stolen your property, contact a supervisor.

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