How we faced the challenge of Demonetization?

It’s been a year now since demonetization. Still we all are discussing demonetization. While the demonetization debate is still on we as a Security Company look back to that time when the crowed was rushing towards ATMs and banks berserk in the wake of the sudden decision by the government.

Fireball Securitas has large number of clients in Banking Sector (Around 70% ). Our guards are deployed in major bank branches and ATMs.  News 18 covered the Yes Bank Branch in Connaught Place and met with our security guards deployed there. Following is the part of article published by them.


My next stop was what is popularly referred to as the heart of New Delhi. Out from the needy quarters of the hospital I went straight to hub of leisure – Connaught Place.

Banwari Lal, a native of Etah in Uttar Pradesh has been working as the guard of Yes Bank ATM in H block, Connaught Place for the last three year. Lal is an employee of Fireball Securitas.

Shouldering a 5-kilo gun while sipping tea, Lal says, “There obviously were problems. I was not on duty that night but resumed charge the next working day. I was surprised to see the number of people coming. All asking the same question repeatedly, cash hai? [does the ATM have cash].”

Lal has a 12-hour-job. He starts at 8 in the morning and transfers charge at 8 pm.

“The main problem was caused by those who had multiple cards. Say a man has two cards, his wife has two and his son has two more. He thus has six cards. Imagine, in a place which has limited cash and a man carries 6 cards, what will those get who have also been waiting in the queue for hours,” says Lal.

“Cash vans were not that frequent those days. Vans used to come every alternate day but because there are quite a few ATMs in this area, problems were few. People used have their morning tea at 7 in the morning and walk down to form a queue in front of the ATM.”

Lal feels that people didn’t show enough compassion for their fellow citizens standing in queues. Everyone was going through a hard time, including guard himself, “I myself had to get my share of cash from the neighboring ATM.”

Fireball has been in the business of providing security services for more that 20 years. We have faced many such conditions where our performance was tasted. Each time our team performed well through impeccable coordination and dedication in our service.

No matter what may come Fireball Securitas is committed to provide the best in class services to our clients.

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