Las Vegas shooting: A lesson for us

Las Vegas, in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, is a city of joy, glamours nightlife, casinos and other entertainment options. On 2nd October it was as crowded and noisy as it has always been. The music concerts, people cheering and fireworks, it was all normal but soon all joy turned into nightmare. What sounded like fireworks at first was actually the sound of firearms being fired on the crowed.

A massive crowed of 22000 people under the target of one lunatic. There was no place to escape the bullets coming towards them as they were being fired from 32nd floor of a building. As of now it has been confirmed that at least 59 people have been killed and 527 injured, either by gunfire or

Image Source- Fox news


The gunman was identified as Stephen Paddock, 64. He had no significant criminal history, he used to gamble and seemed to live a quiet life with his girlfriend in Mesquite. He shot himself to death before the police entered his room.

The police found 23 firearms in his suite from where he targeted the crowed. And when they searched the attacker’s house, they discovered an additional 19 firearms.

Against all these lurking life threats we have only one weapon and that is precaution. We have to be very careful about our surroundings and aware about possible threats.

Here are few tips for your safety and security.


  • Maintain situational awareness of your surroundings at all times. Pay attention to activity happening around you in order to identify anything unusual.
  • Keep your property secure Hire a Armed Security Guard and make sure that your premises don’t contain objects that could allow criminals easier access.
  • Spread security awareness in your family and friends discuss what to do if there is a security threat.
  • Be alert at public places vulnerable to bomb attacks. Keep an eye out for abandoned packages or bags.
  • Report suspicious persons or movements within your neighborhood to the police through available means of communication.
  • Keep yourself prepared to evacuate your home or shelter on the order of local authorities.
  • Avoid to travel into areas that are expected terrorist targets.


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