Safety and Security Awareness Day (2nd June)

2nd June is Celebrated as the Raising day of Fireball Securitas. It’s been 20 years since Fireball came into existence. In the period of 20 years Fireball has grown into a company that not just provide the Safety and security services but also works for spreading awareness for safety and security among people.

The CEO of Fireball Capt. Ravee have always imparted his knowledge of Security management to people at various occasions and through various mediums of communication such as television, radio and print media.

He appeared and guided people as security expert through various TV shows and Print media.  You can find the news articles and Videos in the below links.

Working with the ethics of army and inspired by nation’s pride  we always strive to make our societies safer. To fulfill this purpose we decided to celebrate the Fireball Raising day as “Safety and Security Awareness Day” every year.

On 2nd June let us all contribute in insuring the Safety of our fellow citizens by sharing our knowledge and experience with others.  It is better to take preventive steps to avoid unprecedented dangers by knowing them rather then living in uncertainty.

Join our Facebook event and share How you realized the Importance of taking preventive measures for your security and safety.  Visit the following link… Click here

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