Acid Attack

Steps to Deal with Acid Attack

Acid attack is throwing acid onto the body of another with the intention to torture, humiliate rather than kill him. Usually, perpetrators of these attacks throw acid at the face of the victim.  They plan to burn them and damage their skin tissues. The victim can be blind as well as permanent scars on the face and body along with social, psychological and economic difficulties in their future life.

The reason behind the acid attack is women most of the time. The rejection of marriage or refusal by women, some dowry disagreement cases is also being the reason. In maximum cases, women are involved in acid attacks.

Some points are needed to take care of when an acid attack happens:

  • First, you should rinse the burn area with new clean water. If water is dirty, it can cause severe infection. Keep washing the burned body part with cool water until the pain begins to subside. Next, loosely wrap the burn area in sterilized gauze.
  • It is critical to act fast to help the victim.
  • Take for the hospital treatment. Doctors may prescribe physiotherapy for victims whose nervous system has been affected by the burn.
  • It affects mentally to the victim, patients may also be advised to see counseling.
  • Don’t wash the burn area with milk as milk is generally alkaline, it becomes more acidic.
  • Call emergency services immediately.
  • Sit the victim down on the ground.
  • Cover your hands with fabric.
  • Take off any contaminated jewelry and clothes.
  • Flush the injury area with water.
  • Monitor the victim’s vital signs.
  • Wait for the arrival of emergency services.

If you have any doubts about anyone whether he or she has any grudges or jealousy against you. You should take these suggestion measures which are as follows-

  • You should always be mentally alert.
  • You should also move about in groups if you feel any kind of threat.
  • Women need to take up self – defense lessons and physical training. Learn the skill set that can make you strong and defensive in such crunch situations.


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