True Story of Valour : How our security guard saved a girl from being kidnapped?

Fireball Securitas & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. does it again…

He is the one who displayed immense courage and risked his life to protect the school child while rescuing her from a cab driver. Here is his astounding story…

This is what Mr. Ramesh Kumar Rai – SSG has done by his alertness and proactive approach could save mishappening with a school going student in front of the bank branch in Ashok Vihar on 3rd Mar’16.

A Private school van was passing by in front of his duty branch in the afternoon at around 1400 hrs which had only 1 girl student of class fourth of a School in Model Town. The student was crying and was asking the driver to stop the van as her house was not in the direction where he was taking the van. The driver was shouting and threatening the child to keep shut and not to raise her voice. To this our on duty guard immediately stopped the van and asked about the matter. The child was very much scared and immediately rushed out of the van and the cab driver ran away with the van without stopping and discussing the matter with him. SSG Ramesh called the student’s father from her ID CARD and simultaneously informed the bank staff. The student’s father reached the branch who was waiting for his child as she got late and took the child back home.
On 4th Mar’16, the parents of the little child visited the branch with gratitude to thank the branch staff and the guard for his proactive approach that had prevented any mishappening with the child. They wanted to reward the guard, to which he refused.
Such a brave act sets an example for other security personnel deployed at all branches/ offices to follow.
Let his courage story should not remain unsung and should be shared with others so as to let others know about Mr. Ramesh’s bravery and to give inspiration to others to do the same…

“BRAVO to this Dauntless Hero of Fireball…”

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