Security services provider in india

Which is the best Security Guard Service provider company in India?

Security Guard Services are meant for preventing any harm to the Businesses, Houses & Individuals. Considering all the possible threats the guards are trained to match all the requirements of a client. Not just the Training but selection procedure of guards depends upon the requirements of a client.

Fireball Securitas has been providing Guards to numerous clients for almost 20 years. An organization built by an Ex-Army man follows the Army ethics in the deliverance of services. The guards trained by Fireball are tested in all conditions. The training is done by Ex-Army Expert trainers. After going through 60 Days of physical and mental sharpening the selected trainees are tested on various grounds in order to select the best of them. Before deployment, the guards are interviewed by the client.

Once the selected trainees are deployed our CRM team gets in touch with the client. The job of CRM Team is to keep in touch with the client and resolve any issue that they face with our services. We follow 48 hours grievance redressal procedure to resolve customer complaints. We also keep track of our security personnel with our Patrolling team. Their job is to make sudden visits to different sites where our security personnel are deployed and make sure that they are performing their duty well.

The company was started in 1998 with very limited resources but now we have pan India presence and employee strength of 6000 men and women. We have successfully established Fireball Securitas as one of the leading security guard service provider company in India. It would not have been possible without our commitment to provide the best in class services. Today fireball Securitas has become a symbol of safety, security and trust.

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