Tips for Security of your Business and Home.

Starting a family or owning a business is not an easy task. One has to look after many tasks at the same time. While in a family our main concerns are children education, health, and security. In a business, it is important to maintain a sustainable profit while keeping it secure from any dangers.

Security is a necessity because all your efforts can go in vain without it.

Here are few tips to keep you family and business secure.


One should follow the following steps to insure the security of their business.

Step 1 – Spot hazards

Understand your work activities properly and find the possible threats.

Step 2 – Assess risks

Once you Identify the possible threats then you need to assess the risk. In assessment, you need to find who will be affected and how? What are the conditions for it to happen? How severe can the harm be?

Step 3 – Manage risks

Once you identify the risk and the associated risks assessed, the next step is to find.

• Is it possible to remove the chances of hazards altogether, and if not

• How can we control it or minimize it? 

• Take the necessary steps.

Step 4 – Monitor and review

Fix a time period for reevaluation of security and organizing training and awareness camps for your employees.


Following are the tips to keep your family safe. 

1. Know your neighbors.

2. Keep a Dog at home.

3. Fit security screens to external doors.

4-Before you go to bed check that all doors and windows are locked.

5. Keep emergency contact numbers listed on a wall or in the cell phone.

6. You can make short codes for older children like “100” that they can text you in case they are in danger.

7. Make a secret code word only for the family members. Only family members should know this code word. Any unknown person with wrong intentions will get caught.

8. Tell your children to never tell an unknown person when they are alone at home or their traveling schedule.

9.Install an alarm system.

10. Teach your children not to open the front door for a stranger and keep it shut

11.Teach your children their home address and telephone number and parents’ full names.

12.Teach your children when and how they should take help from emergency contacts.

13. Ensure that there is adequate lighting in the driveways, pathways, and entry points to you home.

14. Even when you are at home, keep main doors locked.

15. Install a motion-sensor video camera security system that sends email footage to you rather than just recording onto a hard drive.

It is always better to keep your security worries in the hands of experts.

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